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AngelCAD - script based 3D solid modeller

AngelCAD is a powerful open source 3D solid modeller based on the Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) modelling technique, expressed in the AngelScript language. The software creates 3D models in STL or other file formats.

The sample

AngelCAD resources  
AngelScript language AngelScript language reference
AngelCAD language extension Language extension for 3d modelling
AngelCAD user forum Discuss AngelCAD topics
angelcad-samples Examples repository - GitHub
Video script based 3D solid modeller
Downloads Prebuilt binaries - Windows and Linux

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AngelCAD IDE and Viewer - With the desktop IDE you edit/run the scripts and launch the 3d Viewer

AngelCAD modeller

Technology - AngelCAD uses xcsg for 3d computations. xcsg is based on the carve library by Tobias Sargeant. Also used is Clipper by Angus Johnson, qhull by C.B. Barber and libtess2 by Mikko Mononen.

The AngelCAD language interpreter - as_csg - is based on the AngelScript language by Andreas Jönsson, as_csg extends the language with 3d modelling primitives and operations for constructive solid geometry.

The AngelCAD IDE and Viewer applications use the wxWidgets cross-platform GUI library to create native GUI for Windows and Linux.